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Urantia Enterprises

Established October 2013

This Planet Urantia is intricately & delicately ministered to by specialists who have an abundance of experience in helping mortals ascend to the greatest heights of progress, even to Finality on Paradise.

No human being, no mortal, no seemingly temporal being, will be denied the opportunity to make the supreme choice to survive.

We are all on equal footing. We all have the same chance.

It is up to you if you want to survive.

You must have Faith - Living Faith!!

Our Universal Father desires that all his creatures communicate with him.

I know whereof I speak.

Make the right choice.

The Urantia Book Website

Copyright ©2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone


Creation of the Evil Discrimination of Religious Castes

But as religion becomes institutionalized, its power for good is curtailed, while the possibilities for evil are greatly multiplied.

The dangers of formalized religion are:

fixation of beliefs and crystallization of sentiments;

accumulation of vested interests with increase of secularization;

tendency to standardize and fossilize truth;

diversion of religion from the service of God to the service of the church;

inclination of leaders to become administrators instead of ministers;

tendency to form sects and competitive divisions;

establishment of oppressive ecclesiastical authority;

creation of the aristocratic “chosen-people” attitude;

fostering of false and exaggerated ideas of sacredness;

the routinizing of religion and the petrification of worship;

tendency to venerate the past while ignoring present demands;

failure to make up-to-date interpretations of religion;

entanglement with functions of secular institutions;

it creates the evil discrimination of religious castes;

it becomes an intolerant judge of orthodoxy;

it fails to hold the interest of adventurous youth and gradually loses the saving message of the gospel of eternal salvation.

The Urantia Book (1092.3) 99:6.3